Thai police nab Canadian pedophile suspect

A British Columbia man wanted by Interpol over allegations he had sex with young Asian boys was tracked down to rural Thailand and arrested early Friday, Thai police said.
Christopher Paul Neil of Maple Ridge, B.C., was taken into custody in the northern province of Nakhon Ratchasima. Police say he was staying in the town of a Thai friend who officials believe may have arranged some of his alleged sexual liaisons with young boys.
If there's a dumber guy on the planet, you'd be hard pressed to find him.
The 70's porn-shades don't help either.
I hope they prosecute him in Thailand, I read that he would looking at a 20 year sentence there.
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I hope they prosecute him in Thailand, I read that he would looking at a 20 year sentence there.

And likely a hug and 20 months with an ankle bracelet here.
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The reason it's received such widespread attention is because interpol decided once they had his image, they may as well splash the news agencies with it, get an i.d., and find him.

It's that simple. Investigators doing their jobs, and the media doing theirs.
I give an attaboy to those that 'unswirled' his cyber-image to begin with.

It must be making others like him very sweaty and nervous knowing that trick doesn't work any longer.
Yes, he shall probably find out what Bang-kok actually means in Thai.

............for the next 20 years.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the ArseyMP are ON THE JOB.........(yay)

Hope he gets to serve the time in Thailand.

too cool glasses he has. No one will recognize him now..........But wait!!! It's too late!!!

Ha Ha Ha

And likely more than 'One Night in Bang-kok' too.
"A Passage to Bangkok" will be a back passage. lol

He should have got his *** back to Canada ASAP. He could of at least blended in with the general population easier.
it says he's from Maple Ridge and i was curious if anybody remembers if former MLB player Larry Walker was from there.Maybe he knew who this teacher was

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