Canadian Mint cases made in China

Karlin's thread on mugs made in China reminded me of this story from the other day.

MONTREAL -- Although it likes to boast about being ultra-Canadian, the Royal Canadian Mint has the cases for its collector's coin sets made in China.

In fact, workers have to tear off the "Made in China" stickers found on the back of the cases that are imported for the Crown corporation.

Sun Media found out firsthand last week that more than half a dozen people work in a dusty Montreal warehouse where they remove the small, golden and oval-shaped stickers.

After receiving an anonymous tip, a Le Journal de Montreal reporter showed up at the company called Noble Gift Packaging Inc. last week and was hired.

"We have a problem with an order," the supervisor who received the order said as he explained the work overflow that required the reporter to be hired "for a few days."

After being told he would be paid by an obscure personnel agency, the reporter was escorted to the back of the huge warehouse.

The temporary employees were told to remove the stickers and repack the cases in boxes.
Sun Media learned at the factory no fewer than 30,000 cases from the mint's 2008 collection were modified in this way.

One employee said the stickers on the rest of the 100,000 cases would be removed in China before being sent to Canada.

Christine Aquino, the Royal Canadian Mint's communications director, said the Crown corporation had not requested the removal of the stickers and had not been advised such an operation had taken place.
Based on what she was told by her supplier, she said the cases normally arrive in Canada without ''Made in China'' stickers.

Aquino said that under Competition Bureau rules, the mint does not have to tell customers where the cases are manufactured.

As the final portion of the work is done here -- putting Canadian-struck coins into the cases -- a China sticker is not required because the overall product is considered Canadian, Aquino said.
Noble management refused to explain why the "Made in China" labels were removed from products it made for the mint.

"I don't think that it's anyone's business. I won't even confirm whether we do business with the Royal Canadian Mint," said a Mr. Herzog, who withheld his first name. (external - login to view)
I wonder, do the packages of stickers that say made in China also have a sticker to indicate where they are made?
Maybe the stickers themselves are made in Canada.
No Locutus, don't be silly. They're made in Taiwan.
Sounds reminicent of the current American moaning and complaining about "illegal" immigrants in the United States, who are hired by American companies to work at far lower wages than would any American.....

If you don't want to acknowledge the mess our consumption habits have made and continue to manifest in other nations....then maybe the WTC tragedy will fit in more comfortably in your assessment of "prosperity"....
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No Locutus, don't be silly. They're made in Taiwan.

Hah, that's what I was thinking.
lone wolf
Was it Loonies or Twonies that were stamped in the USA?

I think not
I wouldn't be surprised if MikeyDB was Made in China.
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I wouldn't be surprised if MikeyDB was Made in China.


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