The next time you find yourself paying $3.99 for a 12-pack of bottled water -- and wondering why -- spare a thought for the guests of Claridge's, the landmark London hotel.
Next month, Claridge's will begin offering its guests some of what it calls the world's finest, and priciest, bottled mineral water.
The most expensive costs $99 a litre.


Of Claridge's more than 30 bottled water brands, the most expensive is 420 Volcanic, one of three New Zealand waters on the menu. "Sourced from a spring at the bottom of an extinct volcano, 420 Volcanic bubbles to the surface through 200 metres of age-old volcanic rock," the hotel says.

Give me Calgary tap water anyday, fresh off the Bow Glacier and fine drinking until it passes through Calgary...I'd be buying bottled water in Brooks though.