First file sharing lawsuit by recording industry

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This isn't actually the first lawsuit, thoguh it is the first P2P case to go to trial by a jury. The RIAA alleges that Miss Thomas distributed over 1700 copyrighted files in 2005.

Further still:

The RIAA just initiated the eighth wave of its legal campaign earlier this month, sending 403 prelitigation settlement letters to 22 universities. The letters, which claim evidence of significant abuse of campus computer networks for the purpose of copyright infringement, give students the opportunity to resolve copyright infringement claims against them at a discounted rate before a formal lawsuit is filed

Seems they're ramping up the pressure.
File sharing is for the tone deaf. When they get to mp9 maybe the sound quality will be worth listening to. Oh wait, they have that, it's called CD's. You do get what you pay for. Most movies and mp3s I've downloaded don't meet my standards. But I'll bet that woman shops at Walmart too.

<rant end> lol
file sharing is for those of us who want a movie or series for free. modern day music is mostly tripe and for teenagers with angst-issues.

People spend so much money on TV nowadays in monthly fees. Gone are the days when you could buy a tv and use it, even in the UK the license system is evaporating. So get rid of your TV and start downloading what you WANT to watch. That way you don't have to watch endless repeats of so-called "reality" TV
She has to pay $220,000. If she had of settled out of court she probably would have paid more like $5000. (external - login to view)

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