From Basra to cover-girl: Blonde army beauty wins modelling contracts

Meet British soldier Kayleigh Thewlis, 22, who has served in hotspots such as Northern Ireland and Iraq - and who has now won a modelling contract...

From Basra to cover-girl: Blonde army beauty wins modelling contracts

26th September 2007
Daily Mail

Stunner: soldier Kayleigh Thewlis, 22

A stunning army girl who saw front line action in Iraq is swapping her fatigues for sexy lingerie after winning a cover girl contest.

Twenty-two year old Kayleigh Thewlis spent seven months in 2006 as a forces grease monkey in Basra, oiling up tanks and helping destroy enemy ordnance.

Now the stunning blonde has been inundated with modelling offers after appearing on the front page of risqui ladettes' mag Scarlet after a makeover.

Kayleigh wrote in with some shots of her in her grease-stained overalls servicing desert tanks for the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers.

She said: "You'd think that being a young woman in the British Army would be every girl's dream, with hot men on hand 24/7.

"But I'm an engineer fixing tanks. I spend my days covered in oil and I'm treated like one of the lads."

The publication pictured her on their cover this week and now the army tank girl, who is currently serving in Germany, is set on a modelling career.

Proud mum Helen Johnson, 45, who herself served in Northern Ireland with the Royal Corps of Transport, said: "Kayleigh was always a tomboy, ever since she was little.

"When she was growing up she was scoring goals for Falmouth Ladies football team, and she joined army cadets when she was 14.

"When she was nineteen she joined up with the engineers, and pretty soon she was told she was going off to Iraq.

Tough side: Kayleigh on duty for British Army in Basra

"It was dangerous and we were worried but she dealt with it all very well.

"Her regiment gets put where they're needed to fix the vehicles, so they'll be posted alongside the Paras or 45 Commando or whoever needs them.

"It's dirty work, she gets a bit grubby, but she doesn't mind all that.

"She did drive a tank in the tour, but like a lot of the servicemen she doesn't talk about it much."

Will the real Kayleigh Thewlis please stand up: Posing for "ladette" mag Scarlet and (below) destroying enemy ordinance in Iraq

Kayleigh was invited to London from her home in Leicestershire for the photo shoot this month.

Mum Helen said: "Since she appeared on the cover she has had quite a few phone calls, but can't do any more photo work until she gets out of the army in March.

"She's a very pretty girl, and I'm sure she'll do well in a modelling career."

But any lads eager to welcome this sexy soldier girl back to civvy street are in for a disappointment.

Kayleigh married fellow engineer Ben Thewlis, 22, from Yorkshire, after a whirlwind romance during their training.
That girl warms my googus.
How many Iraqis did she kill in the name of freedom? Just curious......

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