Navy to mask swastika-shaped barracks

The world has become full of the too-easily-offended.

Because you can see this from google earth now, it has to go. Surely it wasn't built as an hommage to Adolph. Besides, the symbol has been in use for ages, long before our nazi dudes picked it up. Sheesh. What a waste of money here.,2973328.story (external - login to view)
I read about this earlier this morning, the anti-defamation league will have the us government in court soon enough I imagine.
And the psychological power of the memory of the holocaust continues to increase as those who actually remember it disappear. Soon, the memory will be too powerful to even speak of and we will forget the lessons we learned.
It's a smart design. all those nice court yards. Who spends their time worrying about this stuff?
Honestly, who?
No... I asked. You can't just ask me back the question I posed. Sheesh Niflmir! lol.
Score one for useless causes of the day. I thought the same as you Karrie. Courtyards are nice to have. Get a life you **** losers! I wonder how many other buildings there are with similar shapes, and if the outrage would be as vocal were it not a military property.
The self-righteous Anti-Defamation League, that's who. I think that's where Aquaman worked until they were downsized.
lone wolf
Holocost.... Land claims.... How much mileage can kids get from grandparents' misfortunes?

End the madness! Arrghhhh!

it's actually quite an efficient shape for a building i think.

I also think that the rest of the world, particularly those cultures who used the symbol BEFORE Hitler, should re-take the swastika, take it BACK from the nazis and make it into what it originally was. Rather like the English re-took the cross of st george from the violent lunatic skin-head football crowd.

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