$25,000 to hear Al Bore

What a schmuck.

www.theage.com.au/news/nation...881602765.html (external - login to view)
Can you imagine, how much I love you..

Suddenly bovines and sheep popped right into my mind and attempted to clutter it with large herds of each stampeding towards Gore waving bovine fists full of cash mooing and baaaaing and releasing clunky clouds of toxic and miasma methane.
So...ya going?
I'd rather be bored by an intelligent man who sees what the real issues of the day are than be ruled by the madness of King George. Interestingly enough Bush really is a distant relative of the British Royal family and so was "Tricky Dick" Nixon, maybe that's where they both got their contempt for democratic institutions and arrogance from.

I hope this means Gore is raising funds for a presidential run, maybe he'll get a chance to serve the term he won in 2000. If the US Supreme Court doesn't get involved this time.
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