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Ok Canadians, you can all stop the hand-wringing and bemoaning. The thing is over and thank god. Toronto and it's 'tallest free standing structure so it could save face after other real building were constructed taller than it's tv tower group' can finally get on with their lives. It was never in the running anyway and never classified as a skyscraper.

www.burjdubaiskyscraper.com/index.html (external - login to view)

But, this new behemoth will likely become the most photographed building on earth. It could be 818m +/- when done. Scary tall.



Can anyone explain to me what I'm doing wrong...that is, to get an image (in this case a .jpg) to be visible to others without having to click the link? I guess I'm a bonehead. I suck.
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I can't do anything but what you're doing. From what I understand though, to embed a pic in a post, it needs to be a link to the pic that exists somewhere else on the net.
like this
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like this

nope, it still did what yours is doing.... I suck too.
the IMG tags can only be used on a URL, rather than a path to a destination on your hard drive. You can either attach it, like you have done, or you can upload it to an image hosting website like imageshack or photobucket or something, then link to it's URL using the IMG tags
Oh, ok, thanks. I thought it was just my boneheadedness. Perhaps you could delete my tech question thread then karrie? Thank you. You too hermann.
ha... I finally figured it out too... thanks for asking locutus!
I'd like to encourage my newly-graduated students to test and demonstrate their new skills by posting an amusing image in my (fantastic) "funny pics" thread.

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