Two right feet found on B.C. beaches

Two large right feet found on Georgia Strait beaches

'Finding one foot is like a million to one odds, but to find two is crazy' RCMP corporal's 'best guess is that they are from missing persons'

Sunny Freeman, Vancouver Sun

Published: Friday, August 31, 2007
The forensic examinations, which include cross-referencing DNA with a missing persons database, may take weeks or months, she said.
No other human remains have been found in either area.
The foot found on Jedidiah Island probably floated up from the south, said Cox.

"If it did float up from the south that could explain why the other one was found on Gabriola. It could have been two people in a kayak or canoe who met their death."
But, he added, police aren't ruling out the possibility of foul play.
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