Another Actor in the White House??

Is the U.S. going to elect another actor to the white house in '08?
Fred Thompson politician turned actor then politician then actor ect... is officially in the running....... (external - login to view)
But but but - aren't all politicans actors ???
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But but but - aren't all politicans actors ???

OH!. Yes they are. The differance is the actors know they are acting. The politicos think the pulp and pap they serve us is real. They are sadly mistaken. Or maybe they know and are just telling us these things to serve their own needs. Please comment on my cynical veiw.

Politicians have to possess a boatload of confidence and self worth - whether merited or not. Actors have the same qualities I guess but often start out on a solo mission and it becomes a gamble for them. Both are driven personalities.

Either way they usually promote speech written for them whether they believe it or not - and when they become successful, are no longer themselves, but a manufactured product of handlers and media.
Well, the last one did such a great job, then maybe it's time for another.

Could go into what the Democrats are offering starting with nancyboy Edwards and the Queen of ill-gotten funding, but...

Was Reagan a good one? I know he had some wonderful things written and spoken about him - but that was often after he left office. On the other side - locally we have Schwartzenneger(sp) who was a quasi-actor and quasi politician.

This will be my first vote in the U.S. and I have been looking forward to getting interested and psyched up by the candidates - but nothing is ringing a bell.

I hear Beckham is out of work - maybe he ... oh no - not a citizen...

There isn't one of the lot I find interesting - they are all fashioned from the same old outworn, used up mold...nothing new.
Don Rickles for President, I say!
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Was Reagan a good one?

Originally Posted by Curiosity
Was Reagan a good one?

He had to be good at something......he was a lousy actor...

Reagan and Bonzo --- two of a kind!
Well Reagan was given a wonderful funeral but I guess that means nothing these days in the world of 'showtime'.
Reagen had a vision...
He was an intellectual being, despite of being an actor.
I heard that Liberals critized of him of him being action, therefore, not as smart. But once they read some portion of his diary, it changed their view point.
However, I disagree with Reagen in some parts. If he was to see the America today compared during Soviet era, I'm sure he will say, "Oh My G--"
El Barto
I have to say this president is not an actor he was the chinp in that Reagan Photo lol.
Nah this one is a puppet to papa bush and his gang.
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Reagan and Bonzo --- two of a kind!

Isn't that Reagan and Bush?
El Barto
ROFL check the age when that chimp was born I bet its the same as GW

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