Kicking Horse Pass bridge ready for traffic.

Ten Packs
Any of you who have travelled west from Banff/Lake Louise on the Trans-Canada Highway will doubtless remember the western portion of the Kicking Horse Pass - a treacherous, winding, horrible two-lane road, clinging against near-vertical cliffs in some places, "rock-catcher" netting above you in others. And then there are the WINTER conditions...
It has been replaced at long last, after many many years of public complaint, based on pure safety - many have been killed over the years, mostly head-ons. As it happens, I saw some of the final construction first hand this year, and this photo does not do it justice. But note the SUV and RV in the lower-right corner, on the old highway, to give you an idea of the scale.
(p.s. 90 metres is 100 feet, 405 metres is 1,340 feet.)

Kicking Horse Pass bridge

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Cool find, TenPacks! I used to ride my Harley through there. Nice ride on a bike in the summer but deadly when it snows ... or when it's flooded with tourists.

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