Core Section of Downtown Montreal in Lockdown

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Since last Friday, a major downtown section of Montreal has been cordoned off for safety reasons. The subway's green line that runs through downtown has also been shut down. All this after a sizeable crack was discovered in an underground tunnel (just under The Bay's department store).

They are working around the clock to try and get this fixed. Not only does this affect businesses in the area, it also hurts tourism. City officials need to do whatever is required (putting safety first of course) to reopen the area as this is a major hit to the area's economy.

The area that is closed off is bordered by President Kennedy Avenue to the north, Saint Catherine Street to the south, City Councillors Street to the east and University Street to the west.

Here's a link:
I lived in downtown Montreal for 3 yrs. Boy am I glad I am no longer there, tomorrow morning should be fun.

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