Anyone who has a Tax program can do this themselves or you can access the sites on line where you are allowed to use them free up to the point of actually filing a Tax Return. On the Information page is a spot where you have to state the Province of residence at the end of December. This may be different than your mailing address for your actual return. After imputing your T4s and other slips and claiming credits you can go back to the information page and change from Province to Province to see how much you would pay if you lived there.

I had a huge refund this year because I way over paid each month anticipating a sale of property at year end that did not occur. So here is by province what my refund would be. I live in Alberta, so that is the actual amount I got back.

NL- 9046.55 PEI - 9909.85 NS- 9770.11 NB- 9931.40 PQ- 8121.89 ON- 11762.23
MB- 9892.75 SK- 10253.88 AB- 12166.51 BC- 12,363.39 NT- 13656.46 YK- 12080.05
NV- 14312.83

Some Province do not have a Medical Premium charged to Tax payers. Provincial Credits vary.
Surprise to some but not to people who do Taxes for a living is that Alberta is not the Lowest Tax rate.