Man wanting to be a woman castrates himself in the bathroom (Man Castrates Himself)


Op ... Howard wants to be a girl

Builder loses nuts and bolts

August 09, 2007

BUILDING boss Howard Shelley carried out the ultimate DIY conversion — by CASTRATING himself so he could become a woman.

The 42-year-old dad of two decided on the drastic move after being told he would have to wait at least two years for a sex change on the NHS.

He found a website which gave a step-by-step guide to the eye-watering home surgery, then waited till wife Janet went out before setting to work with a kitchen knife in the loo.

With the job done, he wrapped his severed appendages in a cloth and dropped them in the bin.

Then he drove five miles to his local GP, explained what he’d done, and was packed off for treatment at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital, near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

Amazingly, three days later he was back at his desk.

Howard, who wants to be known as Holli, said: “It was very painful, but the moment I cut them off I felt all woman.

“It was such a relief. I’d felt all my life I was a woman trapped in a man’s body and I couldn’t wait two years dressing and living as a female to get a sex change on the NHS. I’m the sort of guy who, when I make up my mind to do something, wants it done there and then. I didn’t want to be a man any more so I decided to do it myself.”

Howard, who has two sons and has now split with his missus, is MD of their girls-only firm Women Builders — based in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire.

He revealed how he began researching DIY castration after he became frustrated with medics.

He said: “None of them seemed to understand. They kept asking if I was gay or a transvestite. I’m not.

“In the end, I turned to the Net — it’s amazing what you can find.

“Following the instructions, I sterilised everything and made a tourniquet with rubber bands.

“The worst bit was steeling myself for the first cut. The whole thing took six minutes. It was agony, but I knew I couldn’t stop.”

Howard has now been referred to a gender change clinic and is awaiting approval for funding to receive female growth hormones.

He is saving up £5,000 for a full sex-change operation in Thailand. He said: “I want breasts and hips — then I can be a real woman.”

Janet, 42, who has an MBE for setting up their firm, said: “We still love each other. I’m just angry he had to take such extreme action.”
Man, I feel like a woman.
well that's drastic! No going back now...
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Man, I feel like a woman.


That took a lot of balls!

Minority Observer84
All I can say is OUCHIE!
that's just nuts.

Dreadful Nonsense
And it really all started when his wife said she thought one hung low...he kept trimmin them even till they were gone.....Same thing happens with me sideburns...i've learnt to suck em in to avoid the trimmin action down there.My wife thinks i don't come with balls.
Some people just don't get it..... and so anonymus...people some times just don't want to be who they are. I know I didn't chose to be a girl.... that was chosen for me before I could even know how to chose.... so the right of choice shouldn't just be limited to the unborn.... It should be a right for life!!!!
Scott Free
Anyone who mutilates themselves like that is obviously nuts.
I do think it's a bit loony to do that to yourself. However, it seems she did a good job, so why complain?

The most upsetting part of the story for me is that she set up a business which only employs women. That's incredibly sexist. Just imagine the outcry if a man set up a business which refused to employ women, and even put it in the name. equal opportunities?
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Anyone who mutilates themselves like that is obviously nuts.

Obviously and absolutely, but still needs to be pitied, I guess it's tough when who you are isn't good enough.
I too wanted to castrate myself.. but give yourself a deeper thought. how many handsome boys are left in the world? 60% of them are gay 20% of them eunuchs, that leaves 20% of handsome good boys left in the world, okay.. and 30% of all men are the handsome I did the math and discovered.. I'm a damn rare specie! om one of the 6% survived handsome n smart boys. ^_^ look what you don't choose you're not meant to choose, its nature, when you miss with nature, only regret will follow you.

I bet the testosterone deficiency syndrome has got to the poor man, he'll get fatter weaker, depressed, and worse of all a shemale.

The only way to stop from suicide, is to convince himself with a lie.. that he is happier now.. is he?
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Anyone who mutilates themselves like that is obviously nuts.

No. He? lost them. I wonder how much this act of stupidity cost our health care system? One good thig is that he can no longer pass on his defective genes.

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