Miss Arab World Contest in Cairo

Miss Arab World Beauty Contest - No Bikinis Allowed - no wonder some of their males prefer them hiding behind garments in public.

One of the world's most upmarket beauty pageant - without a bikini in sight

Last updated at 22:33pm on 28th July 2007

Women from across the Arab world came together to compete in the Miss Arab World contest in Cairo - with Miss Bahrain, Wafa Yaqoop, being crowned the winner.
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Winner: Wafa Yaqoop is crowned Miss Arab World 2007

Candidates came from 16 Arab countries including Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan, Iraq, Libya and Palestine.
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Contestants: Palestinian contestant Merna Kattan (left) and Kuwaiti contestant Fatma Ghadban

Beauty: Iraqi contestant Mayada Hussein (left) and Moroccan contestant Sarah Banani

It is the second time the competition has been staged.
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Line-up: Contestants in the second Miss Arab World Contest
Well...these girls should all have fatwas for their heads issued shortly. But I do applaud their bravery.
The girls sure are beautiful. How sad that their lives are so terrorized by Bush, Zionists, and certain Islamic fundies.

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