Toronto Police and Chilean Soccer altercation

Did our guys beat up on them? Are our guys as bad as the constabulary in some other countries that Canadians fear to travel? Just where does the truth lie?

Peter McKay has to get to the bottom of this...and fast! Our PM has just been to Chile on a Economic Developement trip and then this happens? Who stands to gain by Canada being shown in a bad light where human rights and justice are concerned?

Somebody is making political hay with this I think.
I only caught a glimpse of it on tv, enough to see a referee running for his life from Chilean players. I can't imagine much good happened after that.
If they had done what they were told in the first place we could be debating whether the cops had the right to keep them away from the fence. But they didn't. This isn't Chile. **** 'em.
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If they had done what they were told in the first place we could be debating whether the cops had the right to keep them away from the fence. But they didn't. This isn't Chile. **** 'em.

So why is the coach saying some will not play due to their injuries? Were they really injured that badly? Why has the Chilean PM complained to Peter McKay? When OUR PM was expected to accost other countries on their Civil Rights abuses, and we have our Foreign Affairs Minister complaining about how Canadians are treated abroad; it damages our credibility to just say they deserved it. Is someone actually looking into this?
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don't know. don't care. what happened and what the politicos are making of it are two different things. you might think its proper to expect our police to take one in the face in the name of diplomacy. I don't.

pushing cops is not a human right.

the kids have already caught a break by not facing charges.
Both sides are blaming the other, of course. However, there was a Canadian writer from Inside Soccer who witnessed the event and said one of the kids went over to sign autographs when they were told to not do so, then the cops over-reacted when he inquired why.

Is autograph signing illegal in Toronto? I once carried a flag into SkyDome and had the pole removed because it "represented a threat to safety." Never mind that it was the Vanier Cup, and we all know how violent Canadian college football fans are! Of course, you can carry a flag into pretty much any other stadium in the world, including the Hanger I believe. Toronto is just so f****** **** some times.

The Chileans over-reacted of course, just like the Latins do when the roll all over the field like they've been shot when someone brushes up against them on the pitch. Its all over the newspapers in Chile, and the President even made a comment.
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Is autograph signing illegal in Toronto?...

If there's already been an argument at the fence with a fan from the opposing side I can see it being ill-advised. There was plenty of bad blood around that exit. Doesn't matter how it played out someone was going to end up blaming the cops. Maybe they were too cautious but that point, once half the team ran off the bus to dust it up, is entirely moot.
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Going by all the Chilean crap "In the News" on here ... maybe the cops shoulda hit 'em harder? Sorry guys but act like spoiled brats, you get treated like spoiled brats.


Jajajaja.. Seguro Entendi Po..

Ados Manos Candienses Kuliaos!
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Jajajaja.. Seguro Entendi Po..

Ados Manos Candienses Kuliaos!

canadienes culiaos vayanse a jugar hockey
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Portugal! Chile is for eatin!
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Portugal! Chile is for eatin!

no entiendo
Que Wea Canadiense Culiao Con Complejo De Gringo
Como Te Hubiese Gustado Haber Nacido Donde Los Yankis Hijo De Puta !!!!

Fracasado Y La Conchetumare 3-0 No Se Olvida !!!!
"The Chile players had to be handcuffed and taken away from the stadium and even then one of thge chile players threw a rock at his own team bus and the police had to come on the bus and use pepper spray to calm the players down."

Lets hope it was Chile (ok Chilli!) Pepper Spray!
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From the look of their stuff here, I'd say they belong in a zoo....
Cry Cry Cry

Canadians the real big sh!t of America

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