Abduction in Saskatchewan

the man accused of abducting and molesting 2 teen boys in Saskatchewan last year. If he accepts it he will not be tried as a dangerous offender. Otherwise it sounds like all the other rules will apply-he will serve 2/3 of his sentence and at least 7 years before parole is possible. He will be on a list of offenders and will be watched by police. He will have to stay away from children.

This saves those poor boys from having all the facts drawn out in public. It means he will be dealt with quickly and they can begin to try to heal from the experience. While many think there should be no deal, I am sure the parents have had input in this matter and are agreeable to making it happen.
He should have his manhood removed permanently.
The boys cannot be identified so it will only save them reliving the experience (just not in public).

I can't help but think of the next boys who will be in their shoes in about 7 years time. This guy is a repeat offender and do you not think he will do it again? Its just a matter of when.

Besides, I hear Paul Bernardo needs a roommate.
Here's a little tid bit of information that some may find useful. Sex offenders are given treatment at close to their release date. This means that an offender receiving provincial time (2year less a day or less) will receive treatment immediately. Those who receive federal time (2year plus a day or longer) don't receive treatment until much later.

Much later means that the offender has had ample opportunity to learn to blame the victims of the crime and to be non receptive to treatment.

The longer the sentence the longer the offender has to learn new tricks from other offenders, to become hardened further and learn to block empathy. Not good qualities in a individual who WILL be released.

Personally I advocate life sentences to those believed are likely to re-offend. Penis removal and testicular removal would work on pedophiles but not on rapists....I hear frontal labotomies do though....so does a bullet to the head.
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He should have his manhood removed permanently.

With a set of pliers and a blowtorch to boot...

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