Piracy in Canada

I don't have the newspapers with me at the moment, but in what is called the Epoch Times here in Dublin, there is an article that concluded piracy of movies, etc. either the video-recording or the copying or the sharing or even the purchasing in Canada would still be ongoing. And that is because even though there is an enactment of law to fine people who record movies in cinemas without permission, this enactment was more of the result of pressure from the US government and not because of the awareness amongst Canadians that piracy has caused the movie industries including the Canadian one to lose heaps of money. Even though as a side for a blockbuster movie there were figures that what the US movie industry lost so far for one movie was a small amount compared to the profit it made again for one movie.

I must admit as long as the industries not only movies but also computer software industry etc. are still profitable and the profit is far greater than the lost caused by piracy, I am in favour of letting piracy goes on for the benefit of the people who don't have the purchasing power in poor countries especially.
Well I suppose in Canada lack of purchasing power is not the case?
From what I've read in the trade papers (the film trade), a whole heap 'o piracy happens right in the edit suite - the editor or an assistant takes a disc of the completed movie home and bada bing! - it's on the internet.

Mind you, I have no personal knowledge of this. It's only what I've read and I could be totally wrong.

From what I remember, it wasn't the Amercican government but the film industry which was lobbying. They basically cancelled all early screenings of major motion pictures in Canada which was within their right to do. What else they did behind the scenes I don't know.
I have never seen anyone using a camcorder in a movie. A neighbor is a projectionist and he says that someone using a camcorder in a movie theatre would be caught because they watch for it. He does say, however, that he has heard of movies being copied after the theatre is closed. Once it's on a DVD, anyone can copy it.
well, if you want to create laws to artificially prop up an industry (After that industry killed the industry before it due to lack of support) then how about getting rid of subsidies on blank media. I don't like paying the entertainment industry money so I can legally sell software I write.

I also don't like the entertainment industry, on the one hand government and the populace complains how they destroy our culture by debasing everything to the lowest common denominator and filling it with sex and violence (and they killed of the entertainer industry in their rise to power).

So if they are no longer a viable business with existing laws, so long and thanks for nothing. Its not like people will stop telling stories, making music and making show/plays etc because some millionaire conglomerate won't fund them in exchange for cutting out all plot and filling it with boobs and bombs.

The entertainment industry isn't something we support, its something we should allow to exist on its own merits because passing laws against them would be unfair business practices. We should not try and keep them afloat.

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