Both the Princess Royal and her daughter, Zara Phillips, have recently found it difficult to keep their balance.

Guernsey - a British Crown dependency in the English Channel off the French coast - comprises of the island of Guernsey and several smaller islands.

Yesterday, Princess Anne (the Princess Royal), the Queen's only daughter, visited Guernsey and took a walkabout in its capital, St Peter Port, where she was the vicitm of an embarrassing fall. She had to be lifted to her feet by Guernsey's Bailiff (the country's leader) Geoffrey Rowland.

At the weekend, Princess Anne's daughter, Zara Phillips, who is an elite standard equestrienne (external - login to view) and is the current European and World Champion in eventing (external - login to view), was involved in a potentially serious fall off her horse, Tsunami II, whilst involved in the Bramham International Horse Trials in North Yorkshire

'Hands orf!' One can pick oneself up, says Anne

12th June 2007
Daily Mail

The English Channel state of Guernsey - a British Crown dependency - comprises of the main islands of Guernsey, Alderney, Sark, Herm and many smaller ones. Its leader - the Bailiff - is Geoffrey Rowland. Princess Anne took her embarrassing tumble whilst walking around its capital, St Peter Port.

When a man sees a princess in distress, it is only right that he dashes to her aid.

But he had better watch where he is putting his hands...

Yesterday, the Princess Royal slipped and fell while on a walkabout in front of crowds in Guernsey.

Immediately the island's Bailiff, Geoffrey Rowland, rushed to help her to her feet. But his offer was not well received.

As the Princess went to ground the hapless officials - including Guernsey's Bailiff (leader) - took to manhandling her, only to be firmly rebuked.

"No, don't do that, thank-you. Grabbing me round my... ( inaudible) won't help," Princess Anne, 56, said. "I'm perfectly capable of getting myself up."

Last night it was unclear which part of her Mr Rowland, head of the Channel Island's legal and political system, may have 'grabbed'.

However, pictures appeared to show him supporting her by her upper arm or shoulder.

In a statement, he described their conversation in diplomatic terms. "The Princess Royal slipped at the top of Smith Street, I offered her my assistance but no damage was done.

"She was mildly shaken, but swiftly recovered and was determined to continue with the walk through St Peter Port. She was soon acknowledging bystanders in her usual relaxed and engaging way."

But an onlooker said: "Princess Anne looked furious. To fall over in public is bad enough but what really annoyed her was being grabbed. The poor bailiff was trying to do the right thing but got a ticking-off."

The princess opened a civic hall on the Channel Island and toured a performing arts centre before travelling to the island of Sark.


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Zara takes a tumble...but keeps her cool (unlike her mother)

11th June 2007
Daily Mail

It is 25 years since Princess Anne infamously barked at photographers to "naff off" when she was pictured taking a ducking from her horse.

But it seems her daughter keeps a tighter rein on her temper in times of trouble.

Zara Phillips was hurled from the saddle at the weekend after her mount stumbled over a 7ft cross-country fence at a three-day event.

Plunging head first on to the turf, the Queen’s 26-year-old granddaughter landed with a sickening crunch, with her head and neck twisted at an unnatural angle.

Splashdown: Princess Anne (who is seen tripping up in Guernsey above) at the Badminton trials in 1982

For a moment it looked as if she might be seriously injured, but Zara rolled over and got up with a wry smile.

Stewards rushed to her aid as her mount Tsunami II cantered away across the course at Bramham International Horse Trials near Wetherby, North Yorkshire. She waved them away, rising to her feet unaided and walking off with a broad smile.

Zara, who is 11th in line to the throne, withdrew from the showjumping section of the event. But she is preparing to return to the saddle, competing at Luhmuhlen in Germany.

Her horse Tsunami II takes a nosedive and Zara Phillips, Princess Anne's daughter and the Queen's grand-daughter, is thrown crashing to the floor, landing on her neck

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