The moment police capsized a protestors' boat in high-speed sea chase at G8

7th June 2007
Daily Mail

German police capsized a Greenpeace boat full of protestors, dumping its occupants into the Baltic, as activists came within some 500 yards of where G8 leaders are meeting today.

The police power boats stopped two smaller craft trying to break through the security cordon surrounding the summit venue in the small seaside town of Heiligendamm, Germany, ramming one of them and tossing its occupants into the water.

Sod off tree-huggers: A German police boat motors right over a protestor in an inflatable dinghy

Police engaged in dramatic high-speed cat and mouse games with the Greenpeace protestors

Helicopters were hovering over the town as more police boats chased other protestors and thousands congregated at the security barrier on land in an attempt to block access to the roads, according to reports.

The chaotic protests coincided with Prime Minister Tony Blair's struggles on multiple fronts at the summit.

Mr Blair is embroiled in a row with Russian president Vladimir Putin over the UK's support for a new US nuclear missile defence shield. The row is overshadowing other issues at the summit, and Mr Putin may yet call off a meeting with Mr Blair scheduled for later today.

Mr Blair is also struggling to pin the US down on a deal on climate change as well as on an aid package for Africa.

Anti-globalisation groups had reportedly planned to march on Heiligendamm today but it was called off after German authorities banned the event.

Yesterday, before the summit opened, around 10,000 people took part in demonstrations around the 12-kilometre security fence.

Police responded with teargas, water cannon and truncheon charges after being bombarded with rocks and bottles. At least eight officers were seriously injured.

Fleets of helicopters were used to ferry thousands of police reinforcements to flashpoint areas.

Many of the protesters were dressed as members of the Rebel Clown Army which was formed in the late Nineties to protest against German nuclear waste shipments.



- Jennifer Harris, Carlisle