Outrage as video shows Queen's guard literally spitting feathers

Queen's guard spitting feathers

Royal Correspondent,
May 25, 2007
The Sun

Fowl ... Briercliffe at Windsor Castle

ONE of the Queen’s elite guards has sparked outrage for biting the head off a live chicken.

Gruesome footage on YouTube shows the soldier spit out the head, with the bird’s wings still flapping.

The clip caused outrage when it was posted on the popular website under the heading: “Who feels like chicken tonight?”

Within hours of it appearing, hundreds of angry viewers complained, prompting YouTube staff to call in the police.

Today The Sun can reveal the drunken yob in the film is Craig Briercliffe, 22, who serves with the Household Cavalry’s elite Scots Guards regiment.

Sick ... YouTube footage of Guardsman Briercliffe biting off head

Police have already fined Guardsman Briercliffe, from Lancashire, and he will now have to face his furious superiors.

A Scots Guards source said top brass are horrified, adding: “He is in serious trouble. As a member of the Household Division it’s his job to guard the Queen and we expect all our men to conduct themselves accordingly.

“This kind of shocking behaviour is simply not acceptable.

“Let’s just say Guardsman Briercliffe is not the only person spitting feathers.”

Police traced the video back to Briercliffe and on Monday he was given an £80 fixed penalty — for criminal damage.

A spokesman for Lancashire Police confirmed: “Following complaints, a 22-year-old man was arrested and given an £80 fixed penalty fine. He was very remorseful for what he had done. This was a drunken and sick joke. We will be speaking to the web administrators to ensure that such material is not posted again.”

However, Briercliffe is yet to find out whether it will cost him his job with one of the Army’s most prestigious regiments.

Yesterday he was back on duty at Windsor Castle. as his superiors consider what action to take.

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Inspector Dave Anforth said he was “appalled”.

Maybe this can be explained by the over-heating of the brain due to those silly hats...

ummm, so what.

Dexter Sinister
Quote: Originally Posted by PanglossView Post

ummm, so what.

Exactly. Millions of chickens die every day no less mercifully than that one did, and we cheerfully eat one or two a week here at Chateau Sinister.

BTW Pangloss, I've been meaning to ask you this for a long time but there was no thread where it seemed relevant to the OP, so I'll quit waiting for one and ask it now: did you take your name from Voltaire's Dr.Pangloss character in Candide? If so, my opinion of you rises several notches (not that it was bad to start with) because it means (a) you've read Voltaire and understood the Dr. Pangloss character, and (b) there's a delicious irony in the views you express compared to what Dr. Pangloss would have expressed in the same circumstances. And if not... well, you're still a pretty bright person I'm interested in talking to.
I really don't think most people know we have to , you know, decapitate chickens before we eat them.

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