A six-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by an engine driver on a Thomas the Tank Engine themed day at a steam railway, a court has heard. George Sully, 73, allegedly put his hand up the girl's skirt while playing the part of the engine driver on James the red engine, in August last year.
Winchester Crown Court heard the girl was attacked during a family day out to the Watercress Line in Hampshire.
Mr Sully from Four Marks in Hampshire denies one count of sexual assault.
The court heard that the family took the girl on the steam line to visit her favourite train, James.
The jury was told that at first the girl and her father were on board the engine where Mr Sully was dressed in overalls and playing the part of an engine driver.
When her father got off to take a picture of his daughter, Mr Sully allegedly put his hand up the girl's skirt five times.
Andy Houston, prosecuting, told the court that the girl's mother and another witness, Joanne Flexman, saw the assault.
Mr Houston told the court: "Joanne Flexman said she was clear he (Sully) did not help her get down the steps or around the train.

We say this was no accident
Andy Houston, for the prosecution
"She saw his right hand up her skirt. She was shocked at what she saw."
The girl's mother and Ms Flexman complained about Mr Sully and he was taken off the attraction, the jury heard.
"We say this was no accident but a deliberate and repeated touching," Mr Houston said.
The court heard that in a police interview the girl told officers she was "sad" when it happened "because he shouldn't do that".
Mr Sully told officers that he could not remember touching the girl.
When they told him that she said he had, Mr Sully said in that case he must have done, but had no recollection of it.
The trial continues.