Teen Shoots Self Without a Gun


10:36 PDT Lake Luzerne, N.Y. (AP) --
A young man shot himself without using a gun.
Damion M. Mosher, who put bullets in a vise and whacked them with a hammer to empty the brass shell casings, was hit in the abdomen by one of the shots, authorities said.
Warren County deputies said they were called to Mosher's home in Lake Luzerne on Saturday afternoon after one bullet went about a half-inch into his abdomen. He was treated at Glens Falls Hospital and was released. No charges were filed.
Mosher, 18, told authorities he was trying to empty the .223-caliber rounds to collect the brass casings for scrap.
Sheriff Larry Cleveland said about 100 other rounds that Mosher hit had "fizzled," but one was somehow sent with more force. It was unclear if the bullet ricocheted or hit him directly.
An employee of an Albany scrap metal company told The Post-Star of Glens Falls that the business pays $1.70 a pound for scrap brass shell casings.
Cleveland said Mosher's shells amounted to just a few pounds.
Lake Luzerne, at the southeastern edge of the Adirondacks, is 45 miles north of Albany.
Phil B
Another darwin award candidate.

When is someone going to propose some "hammer and vise" control laws, dammit?!!
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When is someone going to propose some "hammer and vise" control laws, dammit?!!

A hammer and vice are very dificult to carry as a concealed weapon, There is evidence that you get a lot of mis-fires, and the range and accuracy is questionable. A parliamentary committee will be empowered to produce a report on this weapon. They will have a budget of $175,000.00 and the report is expected to be complete by January, 2008.
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Another darwin award candidate.

Darwin Awards rule!!
too bad it didn't hit him lower down, like in the groin area.
Sooo, when I shot that mostly-empty propane tank I took out to the woods. . .

Are you guys saying that wasn't too smart?

Sure did go boom, though!

Almost Darwined myself that time. And the next few times too.

If you lost a propane tank from the back of your RV in the late 80's while stopping for coffee in Yale, BC, I probably ought to apologize.


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