Princes Harry and William looked smart as they marched together in the Combined Cavalry Old Comrades' Association Parade. It was the first time ever thay had marched together in any parade.

It is traditon for this group to march together wearing suits, ties and bowler hats - the "proper order of dress" before World War I. About 1000 took part in the march

They looked remarkably liked the logo of British estate agents "Bradford & Bingly", which is two men wearing bowler hats.

Bradford & Kingly: Wills and Harry on bowler-hat parade

14th May 2007
Daily Mail

Side by side in bowler hats, they looked more like the old Bradford & Bingley logo than a pair of lean mean fighting machines.

This was Prince William and Harry, on parade together for the first time in Hyde Park yesterday.

Princes William and Harry swapped their military uniforms for bowler hats and smart City suits. Inset: The old Bradford & Bingley estate agents logo

The brothers were attending the annual Combined Cavalry Old Comrades' Association Parade, whose sartorial code reflects the "proper order of dress" which applied before World War I.

Braving the pouring rain, the pair, both Second Lieutenants in the Household Cavalry, marched alongside more than 1,000 serving and former Cavalrymen to pay tribute to fallen comrades.

According to tradition, Cavalry officers are expected to don suits, the regimental ties of their division and bowler hats whenever they are in London on duty.

On parade, however, their rolled-up brollies must remain unfurled, meaning that the royal headgear was soon soggy and left both princes nursing sore red marks on their foreheads.

Onlookers were also bemused to spot a bizarre shaven patch on the nape of Harry's neck when he removed the hat to pay his respects as he filed past the official Cavalry Memorial.

A slip of the shears: Harry's bald patch

According to royal insiders, the prince was not the victim of a prank but merely a haircut by a friend which went rather closer than intended.


So sorry but I must say it...oh how sweet.

- Liz, USA
How nice to see young men dressed so well. Most their age in the US look like slobs all the time.

- Ilona English, East Amwell USA

William and Harry belong to a regiment that has specific rules relating to dress for a particular occasion. That is why on this parade they are required to wear a bowler hat, a dark suit, and an umbrella. I was an army officer for 23 years and was proud to wear the clothes/uniform specific to requirements. I think both Princes looked very smart and properly dressed.

- Harry Firth, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

I wish men wore bowler and top hats all the time nowadays! They look so smart and dashing.

- Emma, London, UK