MoD's latest propaganda weapon ... Harry, the war movie

MoD's latest propaganda weapon ... Harry, the war movie

13th May 2007

Defence chiefs are planning to let a camera crew follow Prince Harry during his tour of duty in Iraq.

The Ministry of Defence crew will film him while on operations, with footage being released to television channels and on the internet.

Harry's commanders hope the film, being dubbed Desert Prince, will inflict a propaganda defeat upon insurgent groups which have been using videos of hostages and wreckages of British aircraft to publicise their causes.

ON FILM: An MoD crew will follow the Prince in Iraq

The MoD will scrutinise its coverage for any information which could be used by insurgents to locate Prince Harry - one group has already threatened to kidnap him and cut off his ears.

News of the film follows the delay of Prince Harry's deployment to Iraq. The Prince, 22, was held back from the recent handover between units as it was feared his arrival would be too disruptive.

Most members of his Household Cavalry Regiment are already in Basra on a six-month tour of duty.

The Prince is now expected to be given a role in Iraq which would rarely involve him leaving the confines of British bases.

He is no longer going to be utilised as a reconnaissance troop commander - the job he trained for - as this is now considered too dangerous.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "We need to consider how we are going to handle the huge interest in Prince Harry. Operational security remains of paramount importance."

The former Conservative Homeland Security spokesman, Patrick Mercer, said: "They will have to be very careful not to give away Prince Harry's general location. If this goes wrong, it will come back to haunt them.

"That said, it's a bold move and a very positive piece of propaganda."
Making an embedded documentary about Prince Harry serving in Iraq isn't going to score any propaganda points for the troops serving there. Far more effective, far funnier and far more defiant is the 'I'M HARRY' T-shirt campaign. Based on the simple but wildly effective notion that Kirk Douglas made immortal in Spartacus, the campaign takes the slogan 'I'm Spartacus and moves it into the modern age with 'I'm Spartacus, I'm Harry.We're ALL Harry now!' If the insurgents can use the internet to run a PR offensive across the MIddle East there's no reason why we shouldn't be using the power of the web (their web/our web) to harness support for every serving soldier in Iraq. The website is (external - login to view), more details from (external - login to view) & - the shirts are rasing money for the Army Charity - the Army Benevolent Fund.
There's some smart thinking here - if we all do our bit as a decoy then not only is it dangerously funny in trying to confuse the enemy but it also highlights the relatively unnoticed continuous bravery of the serving troops and their readiness to step up the plate when the insurgents make their threats against the Prince.It's got people talking, it's picked up a lot of publicity along the way with word of the 'I'M HARRY' campaign spreading like wildfire around the internet in the last two weeks, there are a dozen (external - login to view) (


) and photos of the shirt in worldwide locations being posted all over the internet.
Wear the T shirt, Confuse the Enemy, We're ALL Harry now!
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