This article came out a few weeks back. It talks about the fact that Durham is going to get a new snitching program. To be specific citizens in Durham are going to be asked to become the eyes and ears of society. Spying on everything and everyone and reporting everything and everyone.

Now since I have seen this program at work in Toronto I can tell you that we really have become more like a Stasi State. On the trains, where I work, and other areas, there are so many people in society that are taking part in this.

I agree with helping out and keeping an eye on things, but I disagree with being a survellence society or another Stasi State, but that is what is happening under these community based policing programs.

Here is a quote from the article.

http://metronews.ca/uploadedFiles/PDFs/20070411_toronto.pdf (external - login to view)


If you live in Durham Region and rowdy youths hang out in your neighbourhood, the police want to hear about it. Encouraging citizens to become their “eyes and ears” to solve problems and prevent crime is one element of a new three-year strategic plan endorsed by the police services board yesterday. But it will be a while before the plan, whose ultimate goal is a safer community, reaches the streets.

It’s part of a major transformation for the Durham police service over the next five to 10 years, Supt. Greg Mills told the board — one that will involve retraining and restructuring at every level to change the focus from reacting to crime to preventing it.

Four key areas will be targeted: youth, road safety, violence and property crime. For example, a group of “loud,
disrespectful youths behaving in an anti-social manner” could be a precursor to gang activity, Mills explained. “We’re asking people to let the police know about problems like disorderly conduct that hasn’t risen to the level of a criminal act. If they’re out for a stroll, they will be our eyes and ears.” Citizens aren’t being asked to become vigilantes, just to work with police.


Here is a slightly longer article about the same thing.

Here is a less recent article that came out in January about our new obsession with snitching.

China like snitches and now we do too.

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On just about every corner, you can now find some well meaning member of soceity who has signed on for these programs, snitching spying and telling themselves that they are doing a service for the country. I am pretty sure that is the logic that was used in the former East Germany, Russia, and even China. I never thought I would see the day when this would be such a part of Canadian society but here we are.