God's Holy Wrath

Mind you, the church will fight the insurance company when the insurers try to get out of paying, saying it was an "act of god."

Lightning Suspected In Church Building Fire

1 hour, 13 minutes ago

A lightning strike was suspected of sparking a fire that destroyed a church building early Wednesday on the city's Southwest Side.

Fire officials said that a children's recreation center behind the Iglesia De Jordan in the 2900 block of Southwest Loop 410 was fully enguled in flames when they arrived at 3 a.m.

The church paster said that the building was less than a year old.

Even though lightning is suspected, arson investigators will look into it.

No injuries were reported.

Sadly, this was from Yahoo News so I cannot find attribution nor where it actually happened.
All lightning is caused by "GOD". If you believe in that stuff.
Just as Allah wills the grass to grow.

Just what the heck is that supposed to explain, anyway?

It's probably a United Church. He and the church have issues.
Dexter Sinister
Heh... Read up on the history of the lightning rod. Church steeples used to be among the most frequently hit structures in any community, because they were always the tallest, or at least one of the tallest, buildings around. Caused great consternation in the congregations of course, and when Ben Franklin invented the lightning rod there was some religious resistance to using them on churches, as that could be seen as an attempt to thwart the will of the deity or an expression of lack of confidence in his ability to protect the building. A little hard-nosed Yankee practicality--probably in the form of insurance agents--soon shut people up. Lightning rods demonstrably and consistently worked, which is more than can be said about the deity's ability to protect churches from lightning.
Doesn't O. Henry or Robert Louis Stephenson or Mark Twain have a story called "The Lightning-Rod Salesman"? I seem to remember it being a particularly creepy and greasy read.

insurance companies can' t claim "act of god" unless they can prove it exists.......
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insurance companies can' t claim "act of god" unless they can prove it exists.......

not entirely true...i know case where a natural accident was claimed by insurance and they covered it. and it was classified as an "act of god" incident.
but still.....
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but still.....

L Gilbert
I think it's San Antonio Texas. But I wouldn't bet on it.

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