A Malaysian teacher was dealt a rude shock when she was caned on her backside by the school's principal, who mistook her for a student, according to state media.
The secondary school teacher said she was dressed in Malay martial arts attire and ushering some students back to their classrooms Wednesday after extra-curricular activities when she was whacked.
"Suddenly and without asking questions, the female principal who was patrolling the area caned me on the buttocks and also caned several other students," the teacher was quoted as telling the state Bernama news agency late Thursday.
"I was ashamed because all the students ... saw the incident," she said.
The teacher said the principal had apologised for mistaking her for a student, but that she had lodged a complaint with Malaysia's National Union of the Teaching Profession.
"Although she did not know me because she was transferred to the school two weeks ago, there was no reason not to ask me," said the teacher.
The union told Bernama it had called on the education ministry to investigate the incident.

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