Consumer Alert: Massive Virus Outbreak

A quick test by PC World shows that many antivirus programs fail to catch today's nasty Storm Worm variant.

Erik Larkin, PC World

Thursday, April 12, 2007 03:00 PM PDT
A huge virus surge of a new Storm Worm variant is flooding e-mail inboxes and evading many antivirus programs. In my tests of 31 programs, only four reported a virus.,13...1/article.html (external - login to view)

hopefully there will be definition updates for this "virus". I'm using Norton, and its not found anything.
Again does it say how this virus is obtained? I don't do much downloading and i don't look at porn so i think i'm safe.
it comes in via an email............
Potini, an e-mail security company, says that over the last 24 hours it has seen about 55 million virus e-mails, about 60 times the daily average. The first e-mails had romance-themed subjects: "A kiss so gentle," or "I dream of you," for instance. The latest batch attempts to fool readers--with subjects like "Worm Alert!" or "Virus Alert!"--into thinking they are already infected and need to apply a supplied patch--an attached virus.
L Gilbert
I don't open emails from unfamiliar sources.
Quote: Originally Posted by L GilbertView Post

I don't open emails from unfamiliar sources.

yep...niether do i, so i guess i'm safe

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