Al Gore Gives Occidental The Right To Obliterate Native American Culture

Occidental's planned drilling of the Elk Hills doesn't only threaten the memory of the Kitanemuk. Environmentalists say a rare species of fox, lizard and the kangaroo rat would also be threatened by Oxy's plans. A lawsuit has been filed under the Endangered Species Act. But none of that has given pause to Occidental or the politician who helped engineer the sale of the drilling rights to the federally-owned Elk Hills. That politician is Al Gore.
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I thought he was making millions from Global Warming?? Why would he need to do this??
I've never held the man up to be a saint. Sound like business as usual for a rich white guy tho
That's our Al Gore the Good....savior of the world and the planet and the internet and his burgeoning rear end.... as long as a profit is to be made....

The story is a bit of a twist - Oxy drilled Elk Hills for years - then when they built their platform at Aberdeen they sold the property among other sites to the Federal
Government but maintained a partnership of sorts for mining...

The lawsuit has been on hold for years while the drilling goes on....that's another reason why Oxy sold it to the Feds - who are pretty hard to fight in a court.

The guy who used to run Oxy was a rapist of sorts who disguised his persona in good works.... but he was a land user nevertheless.... oil being his god. He was a good friend to the Russians too probably for their oil deposits. (external - login to view) Armand Hammer biography

Also check out Google for Al Gore's stock holdings in Oxy (Fidelity)...
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