Well, I finally found it!

I asked with in another thread the other day, just how you started a thread on this site. No real help at all and got told I was not too smart as well. LOL

So it turns out unless you go to a particular Forum "Room" you can not come accross this information. I tried to find this information on the main page. FAQs went nowhere. After the thread dissappeared from the main page I went looking for it and stumbled accross "Post NewThread"

So I liken this to the people who decide on the signage-especially within a city. If you happen to miss one or happen to be travelling with a huge Van type truck beside you, you can go miles out of your way. Same thing with the Internet. Sometimes you can spend a very long time looking for a site because you have one word wrong in the search line.

I think I am too old for this. I have 3 degrees, I really try to keep abreast of things, I read constantly, I take at least one new course every year to keep my brain active, I have 27 Accounting clients who think I do a great job for them and yet some things just stymy the process.

So now if I ever have an original thought I can post it!
LOL You'll fit in just fine LOL Im sorry I didnt see your question. Merry Meet and Welcome
Also sorry I didn't see your post, but take heart I also found it by accident.

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