WOW, who'd a thunk "greenhouse gases" could travel so far....

Global warming on other planets (external - login to view) (external - login to view)

Polar caps wane as Mars tries global warming (external - login to view)
Since Mars is getting warmer along with the Earth, clearly a shared cause is at work, and one needs to look no further than the sun, which is currently burning the brightest and hottest it has since accurate measurements became possible. (external - login to view)

Globalists Love Global Warming (external - login to view)
The Trilateral Commission, one of the three pillars of the New World Order in alliance with Bilderberg and the CFR, met last week in near secrecy to formulate policy on how best they could exploit global warming fearmongering to ratchet up taxes and control over how westerners live their lives.
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Global warming hysteria serves as excuse for world government
Proponents of a system of world government and the tyrannical measures that accompany it have seized upon the popular issue of global warming to advance long existing plans for global governance.
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"Give us your souls and we will save you from carbon dioxide!" (external - login to view)
Stretch, I've stated this before, only to have my education and intellect called into question. It seems that unless you buy the AGW theory outright, you are not smart or educated in anyway. That arguement is quite pathetic really.

As for the rest of your post, sheeesh man, as if the opponents of the AGW theory didn't have enough on their hands with our intelligence as low as it is, you feed the Liberal troll machine with conspiracy groups???
They way we non-believers of GW are treated shows that people are gullible and not independent thinkers, they absorb everything that is put out there as truth. People have been duped into believing all kinds of things that same ultimately been proven false, but they never learn.
How would you percieve someone if they insist the earth is flat despite evidence to the contrary? Educated? Intelligent?

The evidence that the earth's climate has warmed recently is irrefutable. Scientists have recently confirmed that observed global warming corresponds directly with man's activities.

Its sort of like observing that stepping on the gas pedal appears to cause a car to accelerate. But that doesn't prove that a car's gas pedal is related to a car's acceleration. Other factors can also cause a car to accelerate such as being hit from behind or rolling down a hill. Because these other factors exist, would an educated intelligent person discount observed correlations between stepping on the gas pedal and a car's acceleration?

Its good to be skeptical, but is also good to have an open mind.

Consider the following:

The Flat Earth Society
"Deprogramming the masses since 1547" (external - login to view)
All the information on greenhouse gasses and global warming you will likely ever need.
Quote: Originally Posted by StretchView Post

Polar caps wane as Mars tries global warming (external - login to view)
Since Mars is getting warmer along with the Earth, clearly a shared cause is at work, and one needs to look no further than the sun, which is currently burning the brightest and hottest it has since accurate measurements became possible. (external - login to view)

I can understand some rushing to agree with you since misery loves company, but exactly why DID you link to an article that attributes the change not to a brighter sun as you claim but a darker planet?
Since the asshat that made this rep comment...

Quote: Originally Posted by some coward

You have a conspiracy theory about the libs, libs have nothing to do with global warming

Has the back bone of a jelly fish.

Perhaps some clarity is in order. The Liberals seem to be uber pro Kyoto, a destructive policy at best. Many of the Liberal supporters on this board do very lil more then act like trolls when they call into question the intellect and education of those that question the AGW theory. Hence my referrence to the "Liberal troll machine.

Next time, have some guts and question a post in open forum you *****.

Greenhouse gasses really could be causing Mars to warm, As the sun warms it melts some of the CO2, that causes the sunlight to be more effective, causing more warming, causing more CO2

That the general model for terraforming our scientists have used for decades.

No doubt the sun is playing a part in the warming of the Earth. Basic biology says heat is regulated by the amount of CO2 in the biosphere.

If we are wrong about that, then everything we have known in biology for over a century is flat out wrong.

So running with the assumption that all mans scientific advances aren't faked and a giant conspiracy...

Whether or or not Fossil fuel CO2 emissions are the root cause of the majority of earths warming (though biology says it has to be causing some of it),

We KNOW for a FACT we can cool the earth by storing more Carbon underground and removing it from the air.

So, the Earth IS warming, no one disputes that. Getting rid of Carbon in the Air makes it colder..modern biology is based on that principle.

The only thing anyone is arguing about is "Who's fault it is". Well who gives a flying fudge?

We have a problem that will cause massive damage AND we know how to fix it. Whether or not its "our fault" is irrelevant.

If a Meteor was heading for earth, would you only destroy it if its "Our fault" it was heading for us?

Would you constantly ask "Is it mans fault the Meteor is going to destroy earth? Mars is being hit by meteors too..therefore we should do nothing !"
Well, removing the carbon dioxide from the air is not a simple task. Right now there is a $25 million prize for any person/team who can come up with a system to bring down the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide.

It would be much easier to capture the emitted gases on site then store them underground, and we do want to leave some greenhouse gases up there anyways.

There have been some recently who investigated the effectiveness of releasing gases which have the opposite effect of carbon dioxide. For example if we were to flood the atmosphere with sulphates or direct addition of aerosols at the tropopause, the result would be a net cooling, coincidentally sulphates were very high during the period between 1940-1970, and the reduction of these emitted sulphates helped bring many rivers back from acid rain induced death.
Machines which remove CO2 from the air exist, and are used in a couple large scale plants that do just that.

Of course, the simplest way to remove CO2 from the AIR is just take lots of plant life (which Absorb Carbon), and bury them. deep down.

It would be better to burn them and only put the Carbon below ground mind you (and generate power in doing so), then you could keep the other nutrients and use it to regrow more plants that draw more carbon from the air (then you burn those plants, bury the carbon, repeat) until you are at whatever carbon level you want.

If the Earth starts to cool too much, just tap into the underground carbon and put it back in the air.
Are there any links you can report for these machines? I know scrubbers are used to clean up the emissions but I don't think that's what you're talking about.
Using machines to remove CO2 probably won't be the answer. Too energy intensive.

In order to scrub the air of CO2, we need to cause a largescale chain reaction. One possibility which is being studied is Deep Ocean Iron Fertilization.


Iron fertilization is the intentional introduction of iron to the upper ocean to increase the marine food chain and to sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere [1]. It involves encouraging the growth of marine phytoplankton blooms by physically distributing microscopic iron particles in otherwise nutrient rich, but iron deficient blue ocean waters. An increasing number of ocean labs, scientists and businesses are exploring it as a means to revive declining plankton populations, restore healthy levels of marine productivity and/or

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