Why Don't Women Keep Their Family Names Once They Get Married?

As an immigrant coming from China, I have to admit that I am often confused by the way of how western people consider a thing. For example, if you marry two women, you will break Canada’s law; whereas, marrying a man is OK.

Smearing a lady’s skirt in a House might result in a big trouble; whereas, launching a war because of imaginary massive destruction weapon is OK.

Signing on Tokyo Agreement is such a difficult decision to make; whereas, we should spend more money and time on making a detailed plan of landing on Mars to prevent the possible environment calamity caused by human being’s visit.

Women tried to change “history” to “hertory” as a part of feminism; whereas, they are insensitive about changing their family names time after time on passports, driver licenses, credit cards, income taxes etc. due to marriage or divorce.

As a man, to be honesty, I don’t like feminism which affects China a lot and makes our girls no longer as virtuous, loyal, compliant, and charming as before. They more and more prefer the way combined by western “scum” and eastern “scum” which let them benefit from both sides and make themselves happier but make we men more despairing. Just like China, if it were true socialism, it would not be as bad as you expected; if it were true capitalism, it would be ok too. However, now China consists of the worst parts of both socialism and capitalism.

Oh, sorry, such a deviation from my topic. (I now understand why my English instructor always gives me a poor mark.) Let’s return to the topic – Why Don’t Canadian Women keep their family name once they get married?

In the mainland of China, Child’s family name can follow either his/her father or mother and women can keep their names unchangeable all the life. Although I don’t like feminism or revolution, I don’t mean this one. At least, it will mitigate women’s sufferings from divorce especially in this age with a serious divorce rate. I do think it is a sort of true respect to women and lets divorces hurt innocent children less.

I still clearly remember that when my English instructor introduced herself to us in the first class, she was a little bit embarrassed to tell us she would possibly change the name written on the board or shown on the office door because of the fourth proposal.

Furthermore, I think keeping the name unchangeable maybe increase the number of weddings. If we conduct a survey about “Why you are afraid of marriage” for women and set “name change” as a factor of it, is there a surprise to us? Haw-haw.

Well I'm a man and I took my wife's name.
Some women do keep their maiden names when they marry. They traditionally took their husband's name because they became their husband's property after marriage. If I get married I'd take my husband's name so I would have the same last name as any kids we have. I'm a feminist btw.

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