Pet deaths likely to rise, Menu Foods admits

CTV News
The Canadian company at the centre of a massive North American pet food recall admits the number of dog and cat deaths blamed on tainted food will likely continue to climb.

I think not
Anything happens to my little fluff ball, I'm recruiting cats and dogs and invading Ontario.
I know I've posted these b4...but what the hell...


Commercial pet food and stock feed contain a cocktail of dead domestic animals and deadly environmental toxins.

- All Animals Are To Be Destroyed In A Humane Manner and No Processing Is To Begin Until The Animal Has Expired.
- The Management
[Sign on the wall of a rendering plant]

Warning: these four short articles will make you rethink what you feed to your pets, and even what you and your family eat.

Extracted from NEXUS Magazine, Volume 4, #1 (external - login to view) (Dec '96 - Jan 1997). (external - login to view)

The Pet Food Industry and
its Questionable Practices

The pet food industry must be regulated to ensure that foods destined for our pets are safe, contain only ingredients fit for human consumption, and involve no animal experimentation.

Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 10, Number 5 (external - login to view) (August-September 2003) (external - login to view)

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