Limbaugh, Hannity and the right's faux fury over anonymous comments

Uh, you know I was just repeating exactly what you said, right? If you can't stomach your own blinded idiocy (copied verbatim, in fact), it might be time to move on from here. You're just so poor at the art of argument, you either run away completely or you disregard the argument and hurl insults. It's funny in a sad kinda way, like a dog with its tail stuck in its rear end, running in circles trying to get it out.
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Limbaugh, Hannity, and O'Reilly are hillarious. Very childish people, who have tantrums, and call
names when they don't get their own way. Fox network should be embarrassed having such silly
men in charge of "so called" important programs.
Limbaugh is a "drugged up" blow hard, and dangerous to society.(I know he is a radio person)
The political scene is getting sicker with time, and those people don't help anything, just add to the
There are so many intelligent minds in the u.s./canada, it's too bad the media insists in bringing these kinds of people to join in to the ruination of politics.
They suck in people like" the above," and twist their minds into "muck".
I won't follow the next presidential election, as the last one was awful, name calling, lies, and
whoever can dig up the most dirt, and throw it, and suck in the public, will win. Carl Rove seemed
to do that better than most, as George Bush hasn't got a clue.
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The term is FAIR, and BALANCED... they don't claim to be unbiased.

Actually, they have claimed to be unbiased on several occassions since their inception, most notably on their coverage on the war in Iraq and President Bush's latest foray into central America. I suggest you try to Google it.

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They are FAIR, because they give the right a FAIR shot. They are balanced because they bave LIBERAL and CONSERVATIVE analysists. Michelle Maulkin and Kirsten Powers are conservative/R and liberal/D, and thats is BALANCE.

Hey, if a hardcore right-winger and a right of centre analyst are your idea of balance, then good for you. Both CBC National and CNN has party pundits from every party on their news programs, sitting together and arguing their points, as well as journalists from several major affiliations; unlike Fox, they manage to do it without petty name-calling, verbal abuse or empty rhetoric. But they all (according to you) apparently have a bias against the Conservative agenda - even the Conservative pundits. I hate to tell you, but Peter Mansbridge doesn't sit there and taser Stockwell Day every time he tries to get a word in edgewise, even if it would seem like a good idea.

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FAIR , is giving the right a shot to be understood when left is praised and right is demonized in all the other media.

You're so full of rhetoric; it's appallingly brutal. I can picture Katie Couric burning the Bush effigy on the CBS news right now; perhaps Anderson Cooper is on right now, taking a dump on the American flag. Perhaps the reason the right has been demonized in the media lately is because they controlled all three branches of the government for the past decade. It's pretty tough to be corrupt when you're in the minute minority of a majority leadership, doncha think? Kinda exactly like the Liberals have gone through in this country lately.

And what's with the capital lock? I can read you know; apparently, a lot better than you as well, since you missed my tongue-in-cheek humour in my last post. Oh, and thanks for explaining to me about media bias; if only I had met you before my BA in Journalism and Poli-Sci, you could have saved me a lot of time, energy and money with that infinite wisdom. And the personal insults? Pure class. So far, your arguments are weak and your counter-debates even weaker; how many times can someone be owned and keep coming back for more?

Oh, and here's something to chew on. Here's a fact that I just saw: 25% of all Americans categorize themselves as Evangelical Christians. That's 80 million people who are hardcore, right-wing fundamentalists, in addition to the other tens of millions who lay somewhere in between casual Christian (of either party) and the aforementioned. So stop acting like this 'white Republican Christian nation' thing is something of persecution that people must suffer against, and that everyone is out to get the poor downtrodden Catholics in America - they are the majority, and have the majority of power, and have held the majority of power since the country's inception. They have a dispropotionate amount of power and influence, and it has shown in the events of American history; what we are beginning to see if the precursing backlash to that disproportionate power struggle - deal with it.

Everything so far perpetuated by the fairness of stations like Fox is pure bull that has been self-stereotyped for its own purposes of furthering the Christian agenda in America, an agenda that is several steps progressed from any other first world country.
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