The teenage daughter of a woman charged with second-degree murder died as a result of strangulation, Calgary police said Wednesday.
The body of Aminat Magomadova, 14, was found Monday in her family's Fay Road home in the city's southeast. Her 36-year-old mother, Aset Magomadova, is charged with second-degree murder.
The teen died of ligature strangulation, which means she was strangled with an object.
Police said Tuesday they were called to the house five times in recent weeks, but saw no need to call in the domestic conflict unit, the child-at-risk team, or social agencies. However, on Wednesday, Staff Sgt. Barry Cochran said information was actually passed on to the domestic conflict unit.
"They were received by the domestic conflict unit. They were assessed and deemed to be of low risk, so there was no action taken by the domestic conflict unit, other than sharing the information that was obtained with our internal and external partners because of the children involved."
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