Pictures show gun horror on the Tube

Urban warfare on our streets

Gun horror on Tube ... passengers dive for cover as crazed John Laidlaw, main picture, opens fire

Deputy Political Editor

February 23, 2007

COMMUTERS cower in terror while a gunman runs amok in horrifying footage released yesterday — as the extent of Britain’s slide into urban warfare was exposed.

Crazed racist John Laidlaw, 24, shot at London Tube passengers as they fled in panic.

And as the Old Bailey heard details of the rampage caught on CCTV, Tony Blair was warned that kids as young as EIGHT — below the age of criminal responsibility — are carrying guns for older gang members.

A Downing Street emergency summit also heard a generation of “urban child soldiers” is growing up in Britain. Many walk the streets wearing BODY ARMOUR.

And at a meeting of the Metropolitan Police Authority barrister Peter Herbert said:

“Children as young as eight or nine are being used by gangs to evade criminal responsibility. They are drawn into running drugs and holding weapons.”

Campaigners against youth guns and violence, senior police officers, community leaders and clergy spelled out the crisis in the 90-minute meeting at No10.

Home Secretary Reid ... crackdown

Dee Edwards set up Mothers Against Murder and Aggression after the shocking James Bulger killing in 1993.

She said: “Fourteen years on we are living in a country where children are killing each other every week.

“We drip feed our kids violence. They need discipline and boundaries.”

Michael Todd, Greater Manchester chief constable, said: “We have got 14-year-olds walking around in body armour.”

The Rev Nins Obunge, of the churches group Peace Alliance, warned: “We may be raising urban child soldiers.”

The Prime Minister said young people needed “the right role models” — but that new laws were also needed. Home Secretary John Reid said he may make gang membership an aggravating factor in sentencing as part of a wide-ranging review of the law on gun crime.

But Shadow Home Secretary, David Davis, asked: “How will the Government actually make this work?”

Mr Reid also pledged to end confusion which led to 18 to 21-year-olds escaping a five-year minimum sentence for gun possession.

The summit followed three fatal shootings of teenagers in South London this month.

They were Billy Cox, 15, at his home in Clapham, James Andre Smartt-Ford, 16, in Streatham and Michael Dosunmu, 15, in Peckham. An 18-year-old arrested in connection with Michael’s shooting was bailed last night.

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