Government documents suggest Tories not nervous about ISPs interfering with Net

by Lee-Anne Goodman
(CP) Internal documents suggest the Tory government is reluctant to impose consumer safeguards for the web because it wants to protect the competitive position of businesses that offer Internet access.
Documents obtained by The Canadian Press indicate that senior advisers to Industry Minister Maxime Bernier, who has previously declared a "consumer first" approach, are carefully heeding the arguments of large telecommunications companies like Videotron and Telus against so-called Net neutrality legislation.
Net neutrality, dubbed the First Amendment of the Internet in the United States, aims to ensure the public can view the smallest blogs just as quickly and easily as the largest corporate websites. It stops telecom giants from ensuring that pages of companies that pay them load faster than any others.
Bernier has been poring over a report for almost a year by the federally appointed Telecommunications Policy Review Panel that recommends changes to the Telecommunications Act, including replacing a clause on "unjust discrimination" that does little to either uphold the principles of Net neutrality or prevent them from being violated.....
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Lee-Anne Goodman is the Ontario bureau chief for the Canadian Press(CP)

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You have to remember that the CBC is extremely Conservative bias, Quoting the CBC on conservative ways is like quoting Fox network on the Democrat's....

The CBC is very pro NDP and Liberal leaning..French CBC is pro seperation movements..both alway left of center to very left of centre....

No mater how many times they say otherwise...Funny that they have to mention it constantly???

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