Prince Charles: Let's kill off the cul-de-sac

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You're right. we'd be better off giving the starving kids the money. BUT the royal family wouldnt like that very much, and they are rather powerful. basically what i'm saying is your suggestion is unrealistic, whereas enjoying what they CAN give us, ie morale boosts, a great deal of charity work and someone to wave the union jack at, is probably the only realistic option anyway.

yeah right, so what exactly do they give for canada?
bugger all, in your opinion. IMO they give a giant amount of charitable donations, and morale boosts to those who seek them in that way, set up all sorts of organisations. I honestly can't give u any more specifics but i bet there are some who can. problem is i know what they do in england (not a great deal but more than you think) i just don't know what they get up to here.

all i'm saying is don't write them off entirely. I'm sure they're not worth what we pay for them but they're worth something.
Well, notwithstanding the question of whether Prince Charles should be our future King, he's absolutely spot-bang-on right in his ideas regarding (sub)urban development.

I'm not convinced that the cul-de-sac per se is really the culprit, but low density most certainly is - it doesn't make any sense from an economic or environmental standpoint to be so utterly dependent on the car to run even the most mundane errands, but that's what living in the usual type of subdivision forces us to do.

Here's one of Prince Charles' pet projects: (external - login to view)

Poundbury looks to me like a good place for kids, and on a purely aesthetic level the results are pretty nice, too: (external - login to view)
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Can you imagine Liz as a neighbour??? Too funny a picture..I'd be calling the police about her legion of dogs...

I'd buy a croc, cut its tail off, paint it brown, and call it Rover. "Hey, you little Corgies, got a treat for ya".
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My nearest otwn is Nelson BC and it's 35 kliks away. I go in about once a week. Mostly hike everywhere although I may take the boat across the lake for a beer or two now and then. I cannot stand living in noisy, filthy, smelly places like cities; although the ants ... sorry, I meant people in em keep me entertained quite well.
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yeah right, so what exactly do they give for canada?

Personally, nothing. Other than that, history.
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I long ago ceased to take Prince Charles seriously, ever since he started seriously promoting homeopathy as a legitimate medical practice. I think the man's an ignorant idiot with no concept of what it means to have less than several million dollars in assets and income every year. He's a child of the most extraordinary privilege available on the planet and most of the time has no idea what he's talking about. I'd like to have him at my kitchen table for a few hours so I could straighten him out on a few things.

Not that I believe he'd listen...
I think he speaks from a heavily populated urban point of view. England does not have the vast area the NA countries do. It may make more sense for them to build more densely than we do. Plus anything which reduces are reliance on cars is a good thing. Cul-de-sacs are quiet areas to raise kids with no through traffic but that is about all they have good about them. Mass transit cannot reach them well, snow removal is more difficult and supplying utilities such as hydro and sewage are more expensive.

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