Violent Britain 2007 caught on camera

By Ben Quinn


Another day, more violence: Britain's violent crime rate is higher than it is in much of the rest of Europe and the United States and so is its overall crime rate

Captured in rare detail, here is the terrifying moment when one of Britain's latest victims of crime was robbed.

The mugging was recorded by a photographer passing the scene of the incident in Nine Elms Road near the former power station at Battersea, south London.

The unidentified victim is understood to have been chased, before being knocked from his bicycle.

The man was then robbed of a rucksack containing his business takings for the day, said to be around 300. The suspects made off on foot in the direction of Vauxhall.

A passing motorist was unable to intervene and his 4X4 was slightly damaged.

"The photographer heard screaming and went to have a look to see what was happening," said a source.

"He saw the two guys chasing another on a bicycle. They then grabbed him and threw him against the car."

Last night, a police spokesman said that the victim had suffered minor injuries.