Adrenalin rush' over killing 13-year-old

By TONY BLAIS (external - login to view) -- Edmonton Sun

A teen accused in the grisly sex-slaying of 13-year-old Nina Courtepatte testified yesterday alleged ring leader Joseph Laboucan said later he wanted to kill again.
The 18-year-old girl, who cannot be identified under a publication ban, said a few hours after the April 3, 2005, rape-killing at a golf course, she, Laboucan, 21, and co-accused Michael Briscoe, 36, drove along Whyte Avenue.
She testified Laboucan said the slaying "was such an adrenalin rush" and he wanted to find another victim.
She added that when Laboucan asked her if she knew anybody, she suggested a girl named Becky.
The teen said Laboucan then replied, "Oh yeah, I know Becky. She trusts me."
The 18-year-old witness, 16 at the time of Courtepatte's killing, is charged with first-degree murder and is slated to go on trial in youth court in April.
She has been on the witness stand for two days in the trial of Laboucan and Briscoe, who are charged with first-degree murder, aggravated sexual assault and kidnapping.
Under cross-examination, the teen testified she has had a hard life and was living on the street from age 15. She also said she used to use crack cocaine and crystal meth.
She also admitted that, while she wasn't into devil worship as such, she had prayed to the devil, participated in burning Bibles, read books on witchcraft and used to suck her own blood after biting her wrists.
She also agreed she was obsessed with the topic of murder and said she told police her father was a former Hells Angels biker who supposedly had killed people.
The teen also admitted telling police a doctor had told her she has psychopathic and sociopathic tendencies, and that she used to have hallucinations.
At one point, Courtepatte's mother began sobbing as the teen again described Nina being struck in the groin area with a sledgehammer and said she heard bones breaking.
The witness also testified that when Courtepatte knew what was going to happen to her, she began telling everyone that her father was an RCMP officer.
On Friday, the teen said she was with four others who drove to West Edmonton Mall and picked up Courtepatte and a friend, saying they were going to a bush party.
Just before going into the mall, Laboucan took her aside and said: "We are going to kill someone tonight. Do you want to join?" she said, adding she thought he was joking.
Once the group stopped on the fourth fairway, she said, Laboucan told Courtepatte he was going to have sex with her and then proceeded to rape her.
When he was done, she said, a male youth accused raped Courtepatte as well.
After that, Laboucan told Courtepatte "they were going to beat her to death," she said.
The teen said Laboucan choked Courtepatte with a wrench from behind and then he and the male youth accused both hit her in the head with the sledgehammer.
how do u make such choices? why when faced with the choice to hit someone with a sledgehammer or not hit someone with a sledgehammer would you EVER choose the former?

this defies my imagination
Quote: Originally Posted by hermanntrudeView Post

how do u make such choices? why when faced with the choice to hit someone with a sledgehammer or not hit someone with a sledgehammer would you EVER choose the former?

this defies my imagination

What bothers me is the grisly detail they pour into these articles. I can't believe they make the details of sex killings so readily available to any impressionable mind out there. I can remember a group of young men I knew, discussing the details of the Bernado trial, and expressing concern over their physical reactions when reading the papers. They felt they were ill because their bodies agreed with what the papers were describing, while their minds were screaming in revulsion. I can only imagine what that kind of reaction could stir up in the muddy waters of an already sick mind.

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