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French Muslim Jailed For Attacking Gynecologist
PARIS (Reuters) - Friday, 26 January 2007 (external - login to view)

A French Muslim who attacked a male gynecologist for examining his wife just after she had given birth, saying it was against Islam, has been jailed for six months by a Paris court.

Fouad ben Moussa burst into the delivery room at a Paris hospital last November and shoved, slapped and insulted Dr Jean-Francois Oury as he examined the woman after a complicated birth, the prosecution said in court on Wednesday. Police had to intervene to remove him.

Ben Moussa, a 23-year-old lorry driver, apologised for the attack and said he had requested a female doctor. French state hospitals comply with such requests when staffing permits but say patients must accept treatment from the doctors on duty.

“This is a public and secular place,” prosecution lawyer Georges Holleaux said of the state hospital where the attack occurred. “This is not the place where one can invoke religion to get different treatment.”

French media have reported cases in recent years of Muslim men barring male doctors from treating their wives, sometimes resorting to violence, but legal cases against them are rare.

France’s five million Muslims make up eight per cent of the French population, Europe’s largest Islamic minority.

Even French Muslims are gutless...a REAL Jihadi would have blown the clinic up along with his wife to remove the dishonor from the family name...
Unfortunately I've seen similar incidents, though not with muslims before. Abusive husbands are often EXTREMELY controling and jealous.
On a more serious note though, I'm embarrassed that the French, of all people are taking somewhat of a stand against assimililation to Islam, and over here in the states, the PC crowd has us bending over to make them happy.

I wish we had politicians like they do in Australia. Their leaders have been telling the Muslims that if they don't like it in Australia (no sharia law etc..etc) they can get the hell out.
In all fairness, if the wife doesnt' want to be treated by a male doctor she shouldn't be.

I know a few women who went through home births because they didn't want doctors turning them into a sideshow for Med Students as well. Its probably fairly common and one of the reasons midwives are so common. Some women just don't like Men poking around them with an aura of aloof power many doctors seem to hold.

Personally im worse off, I just don't go to doctors period unless forced to by the mrs, they keep trying to kill me. Just the other month I went in (against my better judgement) for the first time in years upon years, and the fool doctor tried to prescribe me something Im deathly allergic too.
I agree that muslims need to assimilate into our culture, but I'm not for forcing any woman to accept a male health care provider if she doesn't want one. Many of us non-muslims prefer having a female doctor as well. Part of our culture includes respecting women's control over their own bodies.

The husbands certainly should have no say in the matter though and I think this hospital did the right thing by bringing charges against him. We tolerate far too much abuse in hospitals.
I can't get to the link that I posted from work...does it say SHE requested the female doctor, or was it like the article says and HE requested the female doctor?
Quote: Originally Posted by thomaskaView Post

I can't get to the link that I posted from work...does it say SHE requested the female doctor, or was it like the article says and HE requested the female doctor?

It doesn't say from what I can tell, though in my experience it's pretty unusual to have a woman from a traditional culture be thrilled with the idea of a gyn exam from a man.

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