Tube passengers 'robbed by gang'

A gang of robbers terrorised about 30 tube passengers during a month-long spree of violence, a court heard. One passenger was slashed and stabbed in the neck in one incident, Middlesex Crown Court was told.
The robberies took place between December 2005 and January 2006, mainly on the Bakerloo line.
Five defendants, charged with conspiring together and with others to rob rail network passengers, all deny the charges.
Rape threats
Two are 17-year-old youths who cannot be named.
The others are Toyan Vassall, 18, of Culver Grove, Stanmore, Andre Lake, 22, from Kenmore Road, Kenton, and Ishmael Cowell, 23, from Sandhurst Avenue, Harrow.
They were all released on conditional bail.
Danny Robinson, prosecuting, said: "It started on December 20 with threats to stab and it progressed through physical violence, knives being produced and stabbing people."
"A gun is produced and threats to a lady to rape her, if she didn't hand over her goods, are made."
Wallets, iPods and mobile telephones were all taken during the robberies. One of the group's alleged victims, Syed Hussnain, was punched in the head and threatened with knives by the gang.
He told the court: "When I saw those knives I thought 'I'm not going to make it' and I gave my mobile to them."
The court was told that police found a coat stained with blood which matched that of the stabbed victim at the home of one of the 17-year-old defendants.
The trial was adjourned until tomorrow.
Dangerous throwbacks like this are released on bail? That's lunacy. The judge in question should be pilloried.

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