Man dies as ambulance crews take tea break thanks to EU law

We all know that the Continental Europeans are lazy, and prefer living of welfare cash than a paycheck.

But, thanks to the EU, the Continentals are also trying to make sure that the British also follow their culture of short working hours with long tea breaks, even though we don't like to live that way. EU law also makes sure than AMBULANCE drivers get enough tea breaks, and a man died as a result -

999 team lunch as man dies

January 06, 2007

A MAN died after two ambulance crews could not be sent to his aid — because they were on EU-enforced lunch breaks.

The victim collapsed in a betting shop, five minutes from his local ambulance station.

But under the barmy European Working Time Directive, exposed by The Sun last month, crews couldn’t be disturbed.

A paramedic was sent in a car and realised the unnamed man was having a heart attack.

He dialled 999 but an ambulance did not arrive for half an hour.

By then, the patient had died on the floor in Edmonton, North London.

Last night London Ambulance Service chiefs ordered a full probe.

The EU rules — which have angered staff — mean crews in the capital can be called out only in the last ten minutes of their 30-minute breaks.

Otherwise, they are banned from helping, even if there is a road crash outside their building.

Other UK ambulance services have chosen to opt out of the rules.

A London spokesperson said last night: “We can confirm crews were on a rest break at the time.

“Our sympathies are with the patient’s family.”

The sooner we leave this monstrosity and therefore don't have their insane laws forced upon us the better it will be.
Quite an article! Without reasonable flexibility in such contracts and programs they quickly become suspect. The EU is a strange creature. What could possibly have been in the drinking water there for the last twenty years to convince longstanding nations to forfeit their sovereignty?

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