Graffiti vandals leave unwanted Christmas decoration

Graffiti vandals leave unwanted Christmas decoration

27th December 2006

For a gang of graffiti louts, it was an opportunity too good to be missed.

With the London Underground network closed down on Christmas Day, they crept in and had several hours undisturbed to spray-paint a station - causing tens of thousands of pounds of damage

They are thought to have walked for 40 minutes down the tracks of the Northern Line to Camden Town station, where they defaced four platform walls as well as escalators, walkways and maps. Their unsightly 'tags' - graffiti nicknames - included Dracula, Melt, CGO and Who Save!

Staff and commuters were said to be 'absolutely stunned' at the extent of the damage at the station, which is 99 years old and used by millions of passengers each year.

Transport for London, which manages the Tube, said the clean-up would take several weeks. A member of staff said: 'It's going to be a hell of a job to clean.

We're going to have to replace the electronic signs which let passengers know about train arrivals, and some CCTV cameras are also ruined.'

There were no signs of a break-in at Camden so staff believe the vandals walked along the tracks from Golders Green or East Finchley, where the line goes overground.

Police took away CCTV footage to see if they could identify the culprits. Passengers condemned the vandalism, which was discovered on Boxing Day. Ellen Coomes, 63, said: 'It's a disgrace. These kids should have been at home with their families enjoying Christmas, not out being destructive.'


I'd rather see this when I'm travelling than have adverts forced on me like usually happens in tube stations.

- Chris, Leeds

Instead of paying thousands to clean it all up, offer a large cash reward to find the culprits. They will soon be grassed up by someone who knows them. Then make THEM clean it all up!

- John, Sevenoaks UK

It's a disgrace wherever it is and so is the punishment they receive. Melbourne has a terrible problem on it's train system that runs mostly overground. The nearer the city, the worse it gets.

- Mike Stephens, Melbourne, Australia

As an artist it is a shame that the talent of the young was not put to better use. Graffitti art is a big thing in USA and popular in the art circles. Another failure of Govt. giving the young something constructive to fill their time instead of an aimless existence and no future hopes.

- Eric Thompson, Antibes, France

I'm not an expert but I feel that these pathetic people cause damage with graffitti because they can't make any impact on society in any other way. They want to be known.

Eric Thompson, gunshot injuries are also a big thing in the USA and we don't want them over here either !

- Nigel, Doncaster, England
just like to say camden town is now all clean not one tag is left i know i was the leader of the cleanup teams
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Great job

I do have a question. Do you have a program that gives the kids a place to tag? Some of our inner cities have programs where the hire these kids to do murals.

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