Mother gets jail time for having kids snap nude photos of her

The Morning Call
A former Allentown woman who admitted that she ordered her 12-year old son and 13-year-old daughter to take pictures of her in seductive nude poses showed up in court today wearing jeans with "Booty" emblazoned on the left rear pocket and "Licious" on the right in what appeared to be rhinestones.

Northampton County Judge Stephen G. Baratta sent Julie Figueroa, 43, to state prison for nine months to four years for endangering the welfare of children. Figueroa's adult daughter jumped to her feet as deputy sheriffs clamped handcuffs on Figueroa's wrists. "Excuse me!" she shouted. "Can I say goodbye to my mother?"

The daughter, who did not give her name but earlier gave her age as 20, continued to sob and yell.

"Ma'am," Baratta said sharply, "Be quiet."

"This isn't fair," the daughter screamed.

A female deputy looked at Figueroa's daughter and pointed to the courtroom door. "Out," the deputy said. Figueroa's daughter continued to cry but allowed the deputy to escort her from the courtroom without incident. Baratta told another deputy he would not object to having the daughter speak with Figueroa once the woman was in a holding cell.

Figueroa pleaded guilty on Oct. 17. At that hearing the elder daughter did not provide her name, but told Baratta her mother had "mental disabilities."

--Reporting by Tyra Braden, The Morning Call
"mental disabilities" yeah...she's a complete retard!
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