T.O. judge orders Christmas tree out of lobby

CTV News
A Toronto judge has ordered a Christmas tree out of a provincial courthouse lobby, saying it's not an appropriate symbol to non-Christians.

I would like to know what gives this Judge, or any Judge the power to re-decorate to suit their personal tastes in a taxpayers building.

This Judge is in fact breaking the Charter of Rights in discriminating against a religion and in this is not serving the post she has been honored with.

Being a Judge in Canada is not a RIGHT it is a PRIVILEGE.

This post does not give anyone the right to use the priviledge of their position to break the constitutional laws of this country and impose a Jewish verison ---or any version.

It is unconstitutional and unethical. I am preparing to write a letter to the Judical Council and l urge everyone to do this as well, it doesn't need to be long.

Furthermore, the Christmas tree is a Christian tradition in that it is named after Christ as part of the seasonal celebration, but this Judge is not only disregarding the very laws that are of the Country that has employed her as a CIVIL SERVANT, but this Judge is clearly not informed of the facts.

The fir Tree is actually from the pagean tradition, started in Greece, l believe, to bring in the fairies that hide in the forest boughs. Along with the many seasonal traditions that make the seasonal holiday special and fun this is one. As a child l was entranced by this fact found in an old book from my mother's childhood. Gingerbread cookies are another tradition adapted from another country.

As Canadians we pride ourselves on our multi-culturalism and tolerance for the mingling of every tradition. The holiday is marked not only with Christian symbols but also with symbols from all other countries that embrace a number of beliefs.

My parents were immigrants and the Christmas tree l was taught about was one of the many multi-cultural gifts that were from around the world to help get through the darkness of the winter months.

This Judge is breaking the law that protects us constitutionally from discrimination.

She has absolutley no right to impose her decoration wishes upon any public space. Her position is an honor, it doesn't give any Judge, who is a civil servant, the right to just become an instant dictator and rule that the tree be banished.

I feel that any Judge that imposes such discrimination on a society she has been paid to serve is a disgrace and should be dismissed with a pay ...a month of her salary, including any Christmas bonus can be donated to plant a who crop of next years christmas trees.
This is plain old silly. I'm not Christian and am developping more of a distaste for Christianity with each passing year, but I am not offended by a Christmas tree. It's not a religious symbol really at all IMO.

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