VALPARAISO, Ind. (AP) - Rushing home so his parents wouldn't be angry, a teenager managed to get them even angrier: He was clocked going almost 230 kilometres an hour along a four-lane highway.

Brandon Raap, 16, faces speeding and misdemeanour reckless driving charges and could have his licence suspended, police said.

Sheriff's deputies stopped Raap's Subaru Impreza along a rural stretch of U.S. 30 at 12:40 a.m. Saturday going almost 145 km/h faster than the posted speed limit, police said.

It might be one of the fastest speeds ever recorded on roads in northwestern Indiana, said Porter County sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Tim Emmons.

"Most people's cars won't go that fast," he said.

Raap told police he was late getting home and didn't want his parents to be angry, Deputy John Brubaker said in his report. Raap told Brubaker he didn't have a curfew but is usually home by midnight.

Brubaker didn't arrest Raap, but told him to drive straight home and call him within an hour. Raap's mother, Cindy Raap, called instead and Brubaker told her what happened.

The Associated Press left a message with Raap's parents at their home in Valparaiso seeking comment.

"Kids sort of have tunnel vision," Emmons said. "They're so concerned with not getting yelled at or grounded, they place other people's lives in jeopardy."

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