The Looney Left and the case of the missing Beavers.

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Biting words for university at beaver memorial


Nearly 100 people gathered near Laurel Creek yesterday to remember four beavers trapped and killed last week by the University of Waterloo.
The memorial service and demonstration was held near the stump of a tree beavers had gnawed on and which was subsequently cut down by university maintenance crews in the interest of safety.
"We wanted the administration to know we care about this issue, that we want a better wildlife policy . . . that's pro-wildlife," said Asha Philar, a first-year environmental studies student. She said she got involved in organizing the rally because she and others wanted to send the university a clear message.
"It's not OK for them to do things like this in secret . . . at the very least, there should have been a public consultation with input from students."
Many students at yesterday's rally carried signs reading "Shame on you UW." Others wore beaver pins made by gluing backings onto ordinary Canadian nickels.
"Students clearly care about this issue," Federation of Students president Michelle Zakrison told the gathering. "I haven't seen a rally this big in a long time."
As a recent environmental studies graduate, Zakrison said UW has the oldest environmental studies program in Canada and should have been able to come up with a solution that didn't involve killing the beavers.
Environmental studies professor Greg Michalenko stood on the stump at the rally site. After taking a group of students...

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Beavers damn up the run-off waterways where I live, which causes back-up and flooding. The city traps them and moves them out to wilderness away from the city. But some bizarre people began listening to the city radios and showing up to the location of the beaver removal, protesting against relocation. So now the city talks in code over the radios to avoid the demonstrators.

One of the funniest incidents was when a group of workers went out to protest the removal of a beaver near where they work. The city acquiesced and a couple of months later, during a driving rainstorm, the damn backed up water into an underground parking garage flooding all those workers cars.

Can another animal story be in this thread???

Long concern for keeping the darling Panda from becoming extinct - researchers are now trying a new method of procreating these poor creatures.

It seems they aren't interested in having sex - and the female Panda is fertile only 48 hours a year - (do you think nature mixed up humans and Pandas?)..... but some wisebrain has come up with the idea to
get the Panda's more interested in intercourse..... because they have no "role models"....they are showing
the Panda's porno flicks... no kidding....

Missing beaver... A problem that has plagued mankind since Thog crawled out of the cave and asked "Ya Wanna?"
Canada's national animal, the mighty beaver! How do we treat them? By killing them and blowing up their houses.
Why did Canada choose the beaver? Of all the animals in Canada, the Polar Bear, Hawks, Moose, Elk, Lynx, we chose a water rodent.

Why did Canada choose the beaver?

The fur trade...
I thought it was the first trade "monetary unit"....

Maybe my teacher was wrong?
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Some of these people are truely silly.

I worked security years ago when IMAX filmed a movie at a wooded area in town.......several hundred acres teeming with wildlife, racoons, bears, deer, moose, coyotes, etc. Actually in town limits, just across from Rockwood Park (CN Wilson's old place off Foster-Thurston for those familiar)

Anyway, we had radios, and I listened to these idiots from Toronto debate for 15 minutes on whether to "murder" a sapling (yep - a tree) that was in the way of a shot............really. It was sacrificed in the name of Art. I later informed one of them that this was New Brunswick.......we weren't considered men until we had sacrificed a thousand trees in the name of Art............Arthur Irving, that is.

The Ready John folks refused to service the on-site toilets at one point because they were so full of needles.

The director (who spent at least a hour each day in his trailer in private consultation with one of the more attractive female go-fers), once called us all together and forbade us to approach him for any reason, as we might distract His Holiness from "artistic considerations"!

Now to the crux........repeated scenes required ducks in the ponds, which were domestic, and attracted the attentions of a pair of coyotes who would appear at dusk every night. Great consternation at the wicked carnivorousness of the beasts.........until I took the heat off them by publically offering to bring out my .223 rifle and blast'em.

Heh Heh

They didn't know whether to **** or go blind.

Talk about shock and awe!

I laughed myself silly.
Colpy - that's messin with artists' minds!!!

They are a more sensitive group ya know? Sunlight bothers their eyes or sumthin.

They're all graduates of the Barbra Streisand School of Behaviors...
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