I found this on city news, I'm not sure if this happened in Canada or England. This isn't a good thing or maybe one of the robbers didn't have a ski mask?

Thieves Snatch Million Dollars Worth Of Jewels

Wednesday November 22, 2006
Abdul Rasheed Khalid was getting ready open to his jewelry store in Brampton last Friday when he noticed some customers at the door. He buzzed them into the store, not knowing it would be one of the worst mistakes of his life.
Before he knew what was happening, the 'customers' pulled guns, and rushed the stunned businessman into a backroom where we was bound and had his mouth and eyes covered with tape. They then proceeded to disarm the security system and clean him out of a million dollars worth of jewelry.
"I was thinking I'm gone," he recalls.
"I knew that if I move, if they know I'm moving, they might kill me."
Khalid says that one of the thieves, the man he believes was the ringleader, had disguised himself as a woman. He was wearing a Burqa, a traditional veil that covers most of the face, except for the eyes.
The crime took place in the southwest end of Brampton in the same strip mall as a police station.
"Two weeks ago or three weeks ago, a bank was robbed right next door to our police headquarters. So it does happen. It's unfortunate, but it happens anywhere in the city," remarked Det. Sgt. Bruce Chapman.
The suspects are described as:
Suspect #1:
  • Male, South Asian
  • Aged 25-30
  • 5'9", medium build
  • Clean shaven
  • Wearing grey winter hat, dark jacket, blue jeans, running shoes
Suspect #2:
  • Male, dressed like a woman
  • Wearing black burqa
  • 5'4", medium build
Suspect #3:
  • Male, 25-30
  • 5'10", medium build
  • Wearing ski mask, blue jeans, running shoes
Friday's was the latest in a string of robberies targeting south Asian jewelers. Police say they're using their available resources to track the culprits down, but that's little consolation to Khalid.
"I have nothing," he reflects. "I have lost everything that I have made in last 18 years in this country."